Fastmail hack for using free tier of online scheduling Calendly,, etc

I’ve been using the free tier of and it works great.

But the limitation of only being able to sync with one calendar to create the busy/available time slots for clients to book appointments has been very limiting.

Resorted to using MacSparky style “block scheduling” to manually add individual and repeating events to add busy times to the displayed calendar.

I wanted to streamline this to do it properly - have the online booking tool merge my multiple personal and work calendars into a single view so available time slots would be shown automatically and accurately.

The problem is these scheduling apps first paid tier is a large jump ($10/month or more) from the free tier. Adds a lot of features I don’t need, but only way to get multiple calendar sync.

Figured out I can create a new email account at for $4/month. It includes CALDAV calendars and I can have fastmail pull in multiple actual calendars from my other accounts (personal and work calendars) to create one integrated calendar view.

I just sync that single account to as the 1 allowed account in the freebie tier.

Voilà! $4/month instead of $10 or $15 or $20/month with the online booking services.

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