Favorite Analog Tool



Europeans and their motor skills :wink:


Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 0.3mm I buy by the dozen since they seem to run away from home easily.

Oxford Mini Index cards 3x2.5 Very handy. More durable than Post-It. For quick notes, reminders.

Traveler’s Notebook Sturdy and good for stowing in whatever you carry around. Lots of configurations. I have a penholder with mine for carrying the Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pen.

Beware of JetPens. It is the black hole of analog stationers :laughing: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love to use my fountain pens but I get too much bleed and spread and feathering on junky paper and Post It Notes, which I have to use (a lot). So I resort to either a Uni Ball Signo 307 (which, after I discovered it, resulted in my throwing away my Pilot G2 pens), or a brass pocket Kaweco pen that takes any of a million different Parker-style G2 refills (which is not the same as Pilot G2; predates it by decades, I think).

When I need to sit down and write by hand, though, it’ll usually be a high quality paper and a fat-sectioned fountain pen. Thankfully, given my particular lefty overhand writing style, the nuances of more expensive gold nibs are mostly lost on me, so I am perfectly happy with less desirable, less ostentatious, and definitely less expensive steel-nib pens.


Yes – Kaweco makes excellent writing instruments.


I never liked cheap pens, so I used to buy whatever was most expensive among the cheap pens I could find in whatever store I was in when I needed a pen. Then I received a very nice Waterman ballpoint pen as a gift about 25 years ago. Using that pen made me realize how little I understood how much I hated cheap pens. A few years later I bought a second Waterman ballpoint pen so that I could always keep the original one at home, while the second one serves, to this day, as my away-from-home pen.


For your MTN, do you have the standard or passport size?


Analog tool… Does a clutch pedal count?


Not kindergarten, 1st grade. It was a Pelikan for me. I wonder if they still hand out “fountain pen driver’s license”. For several exercises (first words, first sentences,…) you got a stamp in your license and when you had all 4 or 5, the teacher signed them and they were handed out to the class and you had your “pen license”. Which was supplied/sponsored by Pelikan. :smiley: You brought that small diploma home and proudly showed it to your parents. And you felt like some kind of small adult because you went beyond the realm of crayons.


Is that even worth mentioning? :wink:


Too self evident? :stuck_out_tongue:


In many parts of Europe and Asia kids still are trained to use fountain pens. The current version Pelikan sells to kids is the Pelikano Junior and Lamy sells the wood-bodied ABC, though many kids just use inexpensive Lamy Safaris or Pilot Metropolitans.


And that is good. The only way to learn proper handwriting.


Manual shifting is still dominant in Europe. And I never would buy an automatic.


Passport – it’s a good size for me for carrying. 13.5 cm x 10.0 cm


Manual shifting is still dominant in Europe. And I never would buy an automatic.

Sadly, that’s not the case here. A manual transmission is rarely offered in any meanful way here (Canada) and almost never in the higher trims. It’s even worse in the States.

I suppose once everything goes electric, we’ll be stuck with dull, untilitarian driving everywhere, however fast it may be. Until then I’ll continue enjoy giving my left foot something to do :slight_smile: