Favorite Apps/Services outside of Apple Ecosystem?

I love the Apple ecosystem but I sometimes dip outside because some other companies fit my needs a little better. (Dropbox over iCloud, Google Maps over Apple Maps.) What apps or services do you use that currently do it better than Apple and why?

Overcast for podcasts. Fantastical for calendar. 2Do for reminders.

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It would be a long list, if I listed them explicitly, I find that the quest is not so much, what services are done better by someone else, but rather what service best meets my usecase.

For instance I use none of the app apps other then camera, but that does not mean that I would recommend my setup to my father, generally I would advocate for the stock app/services and when a specific need arises to then switch.

Painting in broad strokes though, I use google apps or a selection of third party apps to give me cross device consistency on the app side, and none of apples servies because I find them to generally be lacking in some sort of critical feature for my usecase.

+1 for Overcast and Fantastical
Otherwise: Devonthink Pro Office.

Those three and mainly apple’s stock apps make it work for me.