Favorite Weather App?

What’s everyone’s favorite weather app? iOS weather, carrot, Dark Sky, other??!

SoCal here and reporting that it’s true, our weather is gorgeous… almost everyday. That said, my favorite weather apps are LastQuake, and SurfLine. When out of state I use DarkSky, and WTForecast for random humor/insults.

Here in Germany it is “Weather Pro”, because both the app design and the forecasts are quite good. The same company offers also an accompanying weather alert and rain alert app.

All of them, I have a problem! But in the UK the iOS weather app seems to be the most accurate.

Carrot weather is my first look. I keep a lot of weather apps on my phone for the summer time because we do a lot of outdoor activities as a church. I end up playing weatherman sometimes lol.

Hello Weather is fantastic, Weather Line is great and should be getting key missing features in v2, but Carrot Weather is my go-to. Carrot has good customization options and a terrific watch app. My only minor gripe is that it can be slow to load on launch.

I’ve used Dark Sky since it came out. I’ve had no reason to change.

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I really like Carrot Weather for the whimsy (and occasional news) as well as the presentation. I also keep a couple of local ones for the edge cases.

I used Dark Sky for many years but became exasperated with their app redesign earlier this year. I know they had good intentions, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out whether it was expected to rain that day or not (my main use of a weather app).

I switched to Carrot and am enjoying the simpler interface and whimsy it offers. It’s one of the only weather apps to have Siri Shortcut functionality. I used this to automate a “Ship’s Log” system on our boat, pulling weather information from Carrot into a Day One journal entry. Pretty slick.

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This is what I’ve converted to from Dark Sky. If you get the $4.99 subscription then in the app you can choose data & forecasts via pop-up from several weather sources: Dark Sky (by default), Accuweather, Weather Channel, AerisWeather, or Weather Underground.

Add to that your choice of numerous home screen icons and theme colors and it results in an attractive, customizable, useful app that easily lets you compare forecasts from top US sources.

My backup app to Dark Sky used to be The Weather Channel app (especially for its 10-day forecasts), but now I mostly use Hello Weather and jump to Weather Channel only when I want to get a longer look ahead.

If you’re into charts, aweather (AKA Avanti Weather) isn’t bad.

I use AccuWeather, but have been considering looking at other options.

I like wunderground. Has pretty good maps so you can see the storm coming. Also, has a section that tells you the number of hours of sunlight and the phase of the moon. Really cool if you are a pagan and / or witch.


+1 for weather underground. Most accurate in my experience.

I like Carrot Weather, although I like Storm Radar for weather radar view.

Depends on your location. I recommend checking out the Forecast Advisor website, which shows accuracy rates for major weather service providers (The Weather Channel, Weather, MeteoGroup, Foreca, Dark Sky/forecast.io, Accuweather, NWS Digital Forecast, World Weather Online, Persistence ) for the previous month and the previous year.

For both New York City and San Diego, for example, The Weather Channel slightly beat out Weather Underground. And last month in Chicago, Accuweather edged out Wunderground for the #2 spot…

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Thanks for the Forecast Advisor link. For my area it shows Wunderground and Weather Channel tied at 89%. I’ve enjoyed Wunderground in the past because a close neighbor has a Netatmo weather station linked to their network. New found respect…

Weather Network here.

Dark Sky is hit or miss. When I need some sarcasm I use WTForcast.

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I love Carrot, because who doesn’t like weather with a snarky attitude?

Weather Bug, Dark Sky, Wunderground, NWSMobile, Storm Radar, and RadarUS. Each of these have certain unique features I will use.

Note: that may seem like a lot but as a hard core bicyclist, motorcycle rider, and trained weather spotter in the midwest I am a total weather nerd.