Favorites in the iOS Files app

Hi gang!

I use the Files app a lot, as I have things spread over multiple cloud services. But I cannot get the Favorites to “stick”. I will drag a folder over, it next time it won’t be there.

Anyone else seeing this weird problem? It’s driving me batty!


I see this with Favourites that are stored in Dropbox and other third-party locations. These frequently disappear (usually only temporarily) from the Favourites list.

Favourites added from iCloud Drive show up as expected 100% of the time.

Weird. That is not at all my experience. I am lucky if I have one thing that sticks in favorites. I’m beginning to think I’m cursed! What’s the point of having favorites if they won’t stick?


The favourites you are referring to, are they in iCloud or Dropbox?

Every single one of my Dropbox favourites disappear regularly. My iCloud Drive favourites are reliably present.

I didn’t even realise Favorites existed in Files. I’m sure it’ll be useful in the future because I use it for all my file management these days.

Thanks for posting about it!

On topic, I tested it and it does work fine for me, at least with iCloud. However, I’ve not got the Files app syncing with other cloud providers so I can’t test that.