Federico's Shortcuts GPT

Well, this is pretty fantastic if you’re interested in using GBT at all. Viticci has built an amazing Shortcut that integrates with GBT. There have been several of these popping up in recent weeks. I’ve not tried those but I have installed his and it’s working pretty well. If you give it a go be sure to pay attention to the instructions! You do need a pay as you go account at OpenAI but it likely won’t amount to much. From what I gather several requests a day likely won’t add up to more than a dollar or two a month.

He’s been able to create several useful integrations/actions that make GBT more useful than it would be otherwise.


Here’s a link with more info for anyone interested:


I had copied the link and intended to paste it into my original post! BRAIN!

Thanks Dario!


It was the main topic on this week’s Connected. It’s pretty wild stuff.


Have people set this up? I just did. Not sure if I did anything wrong but it’s constantly asking if I want to ‘allow’ requests and how often. Even if I say ‘always allow,’ it keeps asking after every request.

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I noticed the same thing

For multiple reasons I find the Drafts action for ChatGPT Conversation to be superior:

Thanks. I just loaded it. Obviously, this is just an interface for ChatGPT vs Federico’s shortcut that ties into the OS but I like this. I also like that they show the cost of each request.


But since Drafts integrates so well with just about every app in the universe, I think it’s just as good as S-GPT in that respect - if not moreso.