Feeling app overwhelm


I love Calendars 5, wish Readdle would port it to the Mac. I use it instead of Reminders too.


This is what is keeping me from going to C5 fully. Well, that and I really dislike the look of it on the iPhone.


I find that in the vast majority of cases third party apps bring complexity but no benefit. I’m very careful in considering what features I actually need. So Calendar and Mail are th best fit. Other apps may have some neat features, but that rarely makes them actually better in my experience.

I do use a few third party apps, such as my longer form writing these days is in Bear for it’s Markdown and tagging support. I actually use those features and they don’t exist in a stock app.

It would take me significantly more effort to implement OmniFocus than to just use reminders, which is paired down and immediately accessible.


There is beauty in simplicity.


Adopting a ‘powerful’ tool, where power is presumed to be quantity of features, without actually requiring those features, to my mind, is the opposite of being a power user. It’s a toy, really.

A power user, to me, is about tool utilisation, not the complexity of the tool.


I wanted something that would combine Calendar and Reminders and C5 was the best one is I found. Omnifocus is overkill for what I need.


That’s interesting. I have been avoiding the stock Apple apps for exactly this reason. I find that the Apple apps keep wanting “to do things for me” and try to make things easier (but don’t – for me, at least) whereas I find the 3rd party apps to just focus on the task at hand. They often have addiitonal features some of which I like and some that I have little use for, but the ones that I stay with are the ones that aren’t trying to do things behind my back.