Ferrite for iPad - editing question

Might be a long shot, but here it goes…

I’m editing an audio file in Ferrite on the iPad.

It’s an interview and I’ve got separate audio files for interviewer and interviewee.

The guest audio sound has some “echo” and I can’t find an option in Ferrite to reduce or remove it.

Thank you.

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I edit a podcast on Ferrite where my end is more (fan) noisy than my co-conspirator’s.

Splitting the audio into two and using noise reduction on each separately works quite well.

I’d try noise reduction, though I’m not optimistic it’d get rid of echo.

You might not be able to do this but I’d work on avoiding the echo in the first place.

Thank you! Have tried but didn’t really work.

It was the guest’s audio, so little we could do :man_shrugging:

When I was messing with podcasts (awhile ago) I found this app useful. Its much more than a leveler. Try if for free (at least the the last time I used it). Minimum time/money investment to see if it works for you. I used it online. Never downloaded the app


Use Brusfri app to clean up your audio separately. Better to use the app than apply it on Ferrite as a plugin. Then adjust the Reverb2 under Effects on the guest audio until you’re satisfied with the result.

Let me know if it work with reducing echo through editing. Removing echo is a bit difficult from my experience.

Note: I am not a very experienced audio editor, just someone who does podcasting on Ferrite.


Thank you. That’s a lot of money - £15 - but then I have a lot of frustration with fan noise.


true but I saw other people recommending it so bit the bullet. I’m happy to say I was not disappointed with the result.


I’ve plonked down my cash and will try it on the next episode I edit. I’ve spent far more on other bits of kit for podcasting.

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True, it get expensive further down the line. Imagine if you have to buy Logic.