Few Business/Freelance Podcasts

Hi All! I’m new but love Free Agents and have been a long time Relay.fm listener. I just wanted to share some fun podcasts I’m aware of for freelancers and folks trying to make their passion a full-time job!

  1. Free Agents (of course)
  2. Seanwes Podcast
  3. Profit First
  4. Online Marketing Made Easy

I also host a podcast for photographers and creatives called The Bearded Tog! It’s been a fun project the past year and has been really fun. Overall these podcasts have helped me make my business sustainable. I can’t say my parents know exactly what I do, but they’re happy with the progress. #freelancerjoke :joy:

Any other business based podcasts for freelancers?

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In addition to Free Agents, I love the seanwes podcast too.

There’s also:

And a shameless plug for my mostly tech but also a bit business podcast called Macpreneur for freelancers and small biz owners running their business on Apple gear.

I’m really liking the MoneyLab podcast https://www.moneylab.co/podcast/

Just feels more real and doesn’t have the fluff that other entrepreneur podcasters have. He actually tries experiments and doesn’t hide his failures or tries to spin them in a positive light. He’s just as real as it gets and that is refreshing.

Some Smart Passive Income and Radical Self-Trust Podcast Channel episodes have really helped me.

Akimbo is interesting.

For people doing software (SAAS, indie software, contracting) I would recommend Release Notes, they used to focus Mac and iOS indie business but have branched out. Everything but the code is their tagline. I also recommend joining their mailing list, they send out a monthly newsletter and I always read 2 or 3 of the linked articles.

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Thanks for the sharing
Like to ask how do you all keep yourself focus on creating / working vs listening to podcasts


AWS Podcast and AWS TechChat if you use Amazon’s services.
Back to Work (Merlin Mann) and Cortex (CGP Grey) for light weight productivity (mostly entertaining).
The Pitch from Gimlet - a shark tank style pitch show, gives some insight into what VC and angel type investors ask.
StartUp Podcast from Gimlet hit and miss on the seasons, so just listen to the ones that interest you.
Thoroughly Considered from Relay - mostly talks about their products, but some interesting problems to solve for small business partners.