Field Guide equivalent for GoodNotes

My wife is looking to take a deep dive for GoodNotes, which she is using on her iPad as a digital planner, recipe storage bin and a variety of other things. She has found some YouTube videos, but most of those are pretty surface level and have generally a specific task in mind.

Anybody found anything previously that could help?

Learn Goodnotes from The Sweet Setup is a good course.

I like tutorials.

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Honestly, the program isn’t that deep. I watched the Screencastsonline videos (linked above) at one point and didn’t learn anything that I didn’t already know from just using it.

What I most wanted to learn is how to create nice templates. You can make PDFs to use for it, but they never look great when I do that. From what I read, the people who make them use programs like Omnigraffle to do it. So the secret seems to be learn how to get good with design software. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks all. Appreciate the tips.

The Sweet Setup course has templates that you can download and they teach you how to make them.

The problem isn’t making them, it’s making them look nice. :slight_smile:

Anything that makes PDFs will make them. I made some with Pages, they work fine. They just don’t look great. Like I said though, the nice ones are done by artistic people who have software that makes it easy for them.

I have some of the ones The Sweet Set up did. They gave them away if you signed up for their newsletter. They’re fine for that use. Think they were planner pages.

Edit: not trying to shoot down your idea @ptgn123, it might be a great class, I am just saying the most frustrating part of GoodNotes to me is making a nice template, and no class is going to make me artistic.

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There are some templates if you do a simple search and then look under images… I don’t know how good they are but they might be enough to get you started. You can always add a lil clip art, maybe make it look nicer and have a little fun.

This thread actually led me to research this more and make another attempt. A lot of people seem to use stuff like Procreate, but I don’t have that, or the skill even if I did. Others use Visio, PowerPoint, or Keynote. Not really what they are designed for, but I can see how they would be useful with shapes and centering.

What worked the best was a Pages document. Reduce the margins and then insert tables. That keeps everything nice and even. It’s not pretty, but I accomplished what I wanted to do. (I made a template for taking notes on espresso shots.)

Procreate is a terrific app. Easy to use… it’s intuitive. The last I checked it was only $5. There is a free guide book in Apple’s Bookstore. Whether you are a novice, a seasoned artist or anything in between–Procreate in unrivaled. I don’t know how many similar apps I have bought but I just use Procreate– several times a week.

There is a digital scrapbooking site I use a lot. does have templates for planners and stuff. I bought a couple of design sets for use in GoodNotes. I just goofed around with them. Some of them are formatted the right size. Others might be clip art,

I use to know AppleWorks inside out. I wish I could stay the same about Pages.

You might want to contact the app’s tech support. I bet they can steer you in the right direction.

Expresso shots? Rofl! You’re too funny!

PS I could teach you to be artistic! :blush::wink:

Ha! I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. Procreate looks neat and all, but probably overkill for drawing stick figures. :grinning:

LOL! That’s how you start! Actually people are rather hard to draw. Ever notice how many fingers Fred and Barney have? They just start to get in the way!
I’m a primary school teacher. Every year the kids would be moaning “I can’t draw!" They want very much to be accurate. Adults foolishly believe they are being so creative. But they really did forget to use red and color Santa’s suit green.
Anyway, they had so much dormant talent. I made them draw and they loved it. I never met a kid who couldn’t draw!
And you Really don’t have to know how to draw with all this digital stuff! It’s amazing. Artists don’t even need paints any more.

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