Field Guide. Shortcuts or Omnifocus 3?

The answer can’t be “both,” because that’s crazy-talk.

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Both. Any other answer would be crazy talk.



Though I so want it to be right.

The only answer is BOTH.

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Buy shortcuts today since OF isn’t out yet. Then OF tomorrow. Two separate purchases so you don’t need to compare!


Embarrassed to say that I’m still running El Capitan so I can’t upgrade to OF3.

So it’s Siri Shortcuts for me. So excited to get into them.

Any idea where @MacSparky is with downloading the Shortcuts Field Guide in its entirety?

No plane rides on the horizon (for once) but I like to have these things handy for 35,000 feet.

So my answer is not scientific but might help. Check screen time and see which app you use more (OF3 or Shortcuts). That should help a bit.

I guess I’m wondering about how rudimentary the shortcuts field guide is. The problem I’ve had with every attempt at a workflow/shortcut guide in the past is that they never get into the why/when you need specific kinds of blocks.

They give you some fish, show you what fishing looks like, but don’t really tell you how to fish.

But I also might be a little slow with this stuff…:sweat_smile: