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I recently read about the Drafts 5 field guide. I signed up for free course here.

This avoids my frothing at YouTube. Useful videos…


The Siri Shortcuts Field Guide is out.


Does anyone know if he will update this field guide with the changes for Siri shortcuts changed found in iOS13/iPadOS 13? Or will he make a new guide to sell?

My interpretation of what @macsparky has said is that the changes are so significant he’ll be doing a new edition for iOS 13.

Hi @lnchbx13. The changes are so significant that I can’t do a simple free update. I’ve got to build an entirely new course from scratch. There will be a discount for prior customers.

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Aargh. Just bought it thinking it’d be an update :frowning:

Hmm maybe email David to see if he can refund you