Fijutsu S1300i Scanner

I recently purchased the S1300i Scanner by Fujitsu which I am running on my iMac. Even though it is brand new I’m finding vertical lines appearing on my photographs. These lines are really only visible with a darker background; but nonetheless they are annoying. Has anyone else had this issue?

Have you cleaned the rollers?
I mean REALLY wipe them down!

(While I’m sure there is some special
“sauce”, I use cotton pads and rubbing

(I’m sorry, my complete suggestion didn’t post)

Also clean the glass “sensor” that the document
passes over. THIS is where minuscule dust will
stick and cause the behavior you reference.

My mention of special sauce is because I had
cleaned rollers and glass over and over again
and it was not until I used gasoline (seriously)
on the glass that my problem went away.