File this under "hallucinations" - M1 MBA Battery Life

Today around 4:00 PM I noticed my battery was down around 35%. Not too much usage today, and so I was being generally grumpy about whether the battery life was as good as claimed.

Then I remembered - it hadn’t been charged since yesterday morning. And it was used for a bunch of stuff yesterday.

These things really do have great battery life. :smiley:


For anyone coming to those thread, the M1 Air hardware is very comparable to an iPad Pro, even screen size is very comparable; actually the iPad Pro has a more demanding screen. If iPad can do it, M1 Air can do it.

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I run iStatMenus, which is set to put remaining time on battery in one of it’s menu bar items. On my M1 Pro MacBook Pro the remaining time on battery is so high (10+ hours) that I find myself mistaking it for the clock, which is a couple items over in the menu bar.