Filmora, or something else?

Hey guys.
I am looking at Mac video software. I have outgrown iMovie and want something that can handle more channels of video (rather than the 2 iMovie is limited to).
I don’t want to spend $300 on final cut, although the 90 day trial is tempting.
I’m also running this all on a entry level 2015 MacBook.

Filmora looks like a good option, but I havent heard many trusted opinions about it. $30 for the year is in the price range. Anyone able to weigh in or suggest other options. I will say that quality of the software is important. I typically don’t like bad looking open source stuff. Just my personal enjoyment factor.

I tried to use filmora, it’s not the best thing since sliced bread, but if you’re looking for a step up from iMovie, I’d use da Vinci resolve.


Thanks. I’m having a quick look and see a free version and a studio paid version. Any catch with the free one?

You just don’t get as much of the effects and stuff like that. However, you still get access to the color correction that resolve is famous for.

Ive downloaded it and played a little. It looks amazing, especially for free software. Thanks. I have some learning to do but im happy I reached out here and asked.

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