Finally discovered why people don't like column view

I see evidence that Apple is now willing to admit they were wrong and fix things - butterfly keyboards were the start, now we’re hearing about SD card slots returning.
If there was a similar list of things people want in MacOS, it would be great to promote it.

Reviving this topic wondering if anyone knows of a permanent fix or an app option? I am hoping to find out how to permanently right-size column width because I use column view exclusively. As an academic, I have a lot of files and folders with long names, and it’s beyond frustrating to have to tediously click and drag to manually resize the dang columns. Apple really needs to make this a preference setting, but according to their community forums, people are still complaining about this as of 2 months ago. I’m a former Mac Genius from the days of Panther through Snow Leopard, and I’ve been a Mac user since 1995, so it’s irritating knowing it IS POSSIBLE if the Finder code team just decided to do it.

This post is the reason I will never quit this forum. I’ve learned more about astrophotography scrolling this feed than I could have imagined. I know this comment will not solve your conundrum, but I am grateful for this masterclass on astrophotography!


I love Column View and hate when something (macOS typically) switches me to other views.

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I have taken to switching into list view when I need to do specific things that need the entire filename. I also tag the files based on one of the items in the filename as the tag is always shown. (For those still interested in astro, that’s the filter used for each frame).

Also, I discovered the rename… dialog when you have mutliple files selected, it’s a thing of beauty.

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