Find command in DTTG?

Am I just missing this or is there no find command in DEVONthink to go? I opened a document in DTTG to find a particular phrase in a downloaded highlights document from Kindle (screenshot of first page of text in the document below) but soon realized that I could not locate a find command in an open document. Is there one? If not, that significantly reduces the usability of DTTG when using the iPad for research and writing as some of my research articles, and or downloaded highlight pages, are many pages long.

I believe search is supported in PDF documents only in DTTG. When viewing a PDF, there’s a magnifying glass in the toolbar.

Outside of a Document you just have to pull the documents or groups down, to open the Search.
Inside the Documents, there is normally a little Magnifying glass.

For some inexplicable reason, there’s no magnifying glass for markdown or text documents, just for PDFs. I think there was some discussion around that on DT’s forum a while back.

Precisely, that is what I’m finding. I should have been clear in my post that I’m looking for the find command to use WITHIN a plain text/MD document.

The absence of a find command to search within a document makes DTTG a no go for me. I use my iPad for a lot of writing. Hmmm, perhaps I’ll dump all of my research into an Obsidian vault and see if I’m happier with that as a work around. I can still use DT as a “utility player”, e.g., OCR, file conversion and such. :thinking:

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I just checked some of the post acc. to this problem from the DT-Forum, and they promised to ad a search within PlainText/Markdown since at least 2years to come up next!
I am really surprised about that, as it should be the easiest search task, to search within those kind of files!?
I can not see, why they are not implementing this?

I’m baffled! So, I’m going to make a new post asking for a particlar type of app. I don’t have much hope but I’ll post it and see what recommendations come up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why do you not just convert those texts into a PDF, if you need to search them in DTTG?

That is a solution but in many cases I want plain text files, especially for atomic notes. I don’t always want PDFs.

Search bar starting with “content: search term” and it will search in the document. The regular DT hit enter to search document on the Mac doesn’t work but this does. It is annoying but at least does what you want (I think).

Edit: apparently only lets you narrow to group, I thought it let you narrow to document. My bad!

I don’t have this need often, but agree it’s an annoying omission. My workaround is Share > Save to Files > Open Files > Open the doc > tap the big magnifying glass that should be in DTTG.

I had a similar experience recently with Sublime Merge. I recently tried to search a long diff (text comparison tool) for a keyword and apparently there was no way to do so in the app.

No problem. Also, I was referring to searching “within” an open document using DTTG. Sorry I was not clearer.

I’m glad I’m not the only one frustrated by this. That is a workaround, thanks for the suggestion. It may make more sense to use the workaround than it is to change the application I use to manage research files.

Best to bring this to the attention of the Developers on their forum. I doubt they monitor this one. Post there and you might get some feedback on what’s up on this issue that is so important to you.

Meantime, for lots of reasons, use the macOS version for most effective use. Apple’s iOS is not up to replicating what macOS can and does do for apps.


Per your recommendation I went to the DT forum and found this, which is encouraging but who knows how long it will take to see it implemented:

Nov 2021

Yes, currently DEVONthink To Go does not (yet) highlight found search terms inside of documents. This is partly related to the old editor that we are currently replacing. Highlighting search terms inside of documents is definitely on the list.

Again you are referring to a post from Nov 2021. Ancient.

Ask a question and lobby that they fix. Perhaps do it anonymously if you prefer. Perhaps you’ll hear something. While you are at it, lobby Apple to make iOS just like macOS.

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I will. As to being anonymous, I don’t worry too much about that, which I why I use my real name on this forum. It keeps me accountable and from saying things I shouldn’t. :wink:

@rms I just made the post in the DT forum. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Yea was my bad, I thought using the content modifier and then picking document got around that, but apparently it only lets you narrow down to a group search.

I had an issue of not having any of my text show up on search and need to put the content modifier to be able to search for text within documents.

I’ve been really trying hard to keep everything in devonthink which kinda works but DTTG is a pain. It’s okish for PDF and done well enough that I don’t use Zotero since I don’t need citation and everything together is great, but I struggle to use it for plain text. The obsidian indexed in DT works good on mac, but on mobile kinda falls apart unless you are going back to a Mac (or always on mac) that can update in background.

Perhaps we are spoiled, but I find it frustrating to have these kinds of issues show up in multiple applications between the Mac and the iOS versions. I suspect that most of the time this is an Apple imposed limitation in iOS rather than a developer issue. Nevertheless, it makes creating a seamless workflow difficult.