‘Find My’ device tracking is driving me crazy!

Over the last week I have gotten repeated messages that I am carrying someone else’s AirPods and they would be able to track me, as it appears I was carrying them on my person.

Which I am. Because they are mine and have been since I bought them directly from Apple when they came out. One time (but only one) my iPhone had also forgotten they exist and I had to re-pair them (as it comes up it says ‘not yours’). I’ve also had to re-pair an older set that I use for running. They both show up as mine on the ‘Find My’ app in iCloud.

And, on one of my runs Siri decided to let me know that it appeared that I’d left my iPad behind, last seen at (address). Which is my house. Which said iPad has not left in months. Jason Snell’s dulcet tones were interrupted so my phone could tell me something was right where it always is.

Rebooting the iPhone didn’t help with the AirPod issue. Re-pairing didn’t help.

Are others seeing this issue with iOS 15.x? Suggestions? The Google didn’t turn up anything but it’s sort of a hard thing to put into search terms.

Is your home listed as a “location where you don’t want to be notified” in the Find My app?


I hadn’t checked that. One problem solved. Thanks! (but I wonder why that was the first time I got that message? I’m not a complete hermit.)

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