Finder excluding file types in Spotlight search

I just developed an interesting problem that I am hoping someone has some ideas on.

Short version: Finder searches are now excluding image file extensions, most commonly jpeg files. When I do a search for jpg’s, the search comes back empty, even though there are thousands of files with that extension.

  • If I scroll thru various folders where jpeg files are, I can see them, including the preview pane
  • If I search for a particular jpeg file by name thru Spotlight, it shows it. I have made copies of some jpeg files and changed some of the file extensions


  • In the Spotlight search, if I choose to “Show All in Finder”, it shows all of the found files except for the jpegs
  • In one example: I copied a jpeg, but gave it an extension of PDF. On Finder search in which I did not include the extension in the search parameters, it found it. When I renamed the file with the jpeg extension, the file disappeared.

I have done a Spotlight reindex several hours ago with no change. Not sure how long it takes for a complete Spotlight reindex.

Hopefully this explanation makes sense. TIA for any help given.

You may need to rebuild launch services - see discussion and shell command here:

(note that Alfred uses the Spotlight index, so this is applicable even if you’re not using Alfred).

I tried the suggestion you linked to…no difference. Thanks for the idea though

You don’t have “Images” unselected in Spotlight Preferences, I assume?

No, Images were selected.

I did solve the issue by deleting the plist for Finder.