Finder Windows lose user defined size

I’ve got a weird thing happening since the upgrade to High Sierra.

I use the column view in all my finder windows. The width of the columns STILL won’t stick to what I change it too at least the actual window height and width would stick between reboots under Sierra.

Now there is a minimum height and I cannot get the height down smaller unless something happens. As in I have on occasion been able to make the height small, only to have it reset to the taller height when I reboot my computer. I can’t figure out what I do differently when I can resize the window and I sure can’t figure out why it resets to a taller window when I reboot my machine.

Any hints on where to look for the issues?

If you size a window, set “view as…” option, then close all Finder windows, then the next Finder window you create should respect the settings for the last window closed.

Not happening?

I can’t set the window to the size I want. These are not new windows being opened but windows I have open all the time on my desktop. Oh and to answer your specific question: Nope the height of the new window opened is at some default not what I set.