Finding out what program caused a window?

I’ve got a weird issue where occasionally (1-3 times per week) a popup window shows up asking for the location of [insert web browser name here]. The web browsers are primarly ones I don’t have (chrome, edge, vivaldi, sidekick) but also has asked for one that I do have (brave). I have no idea what program is launching this and was hoping to find a way to know what is launching this window. When I click on it the menu bar stays on whatever app was previously active, so it isn’t helpful.

Any troubleshooting suggestions?

Picture attached.

Accessibility inspector can do that. May be an easier way too.

From Stack Overflow:

You can use the Accessibility Inspector, which is one of the Developer Tools.

Use the Start inspection follows point toolbar button, then click on the titlebar of the dialog with the error message, and under Advanced → Parent you can find information about who is owning that dialog.


Thanks! All installed, now I just need to wait for it to ask!

I’ve often wished for a universal “stop doing that” command that would work in any (computer) situation.

Computer: “DING!”
Me: “Stop doing that.”
Computer: “Notifications for Discord disabled”

(That was a hard one to find)

Hopefully you’ll get some insight into who’s misbehaving.

Well, I tried, and accessibility inspector can’t find the window! When I put the mouse over the window it just sees the desktop.

I’m guessing this means it is something written with electron or some other cross platform type app - so at least it gives me a path to follow.

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That would worry me into thinking I had some sort of malware on my system. At least that was my first thought.

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This just happened to me. A window opened wanting to know, “Where is Vivaldi?” one of the web browsers I use.
Tried accessibility inspector just for giggles, but nada.

And it’s not a new phenomenon.

Thread from 2009:

Maybe I’ll try rebuilding the launch services. That said, I haven’t had it pop up in at least a week (I started just closing background programs and tracking when it happens to see who the culprit is - but no issues since).

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I just today launched the Stream Deck app, and wonder if that’s related.
Of course that post from 2009 predates the SD, but there might be something in common.

That is one of my potential culprits, so I’m tracking if it happens at home when I can turn off the app (at least until my new stream deck for home arrives on Wednesday!).

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