First Genius Bar Appointment

Taking my 2014 MBP with the swollen battery for repair today. It’s the first time ever to go to the Genius Bar for repairs and leave a device alone with someone without me being present.

I have been debating of the following options.

Do I…

a) erase and wipe it ? (I have a Time Machine and CCC Backups)
b) keep the data on there and give them my account name/password
c) make a new admin account ?
d) make a new user (non-admin) account?
e) activate the guest account

Do they need my Apple ID and Password?

Any suggestions?

P.S. I know that Apple Employees are swamped and have better things to do with their lives than going through my files. But due to my ignorance of the repair process, knowing that we are human and broken, and having no clue where my hard drive will go if they need to replace it (or which company will do the ‘destroying’) is a reminder that I have a responsibility as well over my own data and decisions.

FWIW, I have dropped off Macs for repair on several occasions. I make sure I have up-to-date, redundant backups, but otherwise make no special precautions.


The folks at the Genius Bar do NOT need (or want) your password for your computer. They also have no need for your Apple ID and Password.

You will be asked if you have a backup of your data. You will probably be told that your data “could be” erased during repair.

You will also be quoted up to 3 weeks turnaround for the repair right now. The repair/service center where your 15" MBP will be sent is supposedly backlogged. This repair/service center (also known as Depot) has the ability to remove the battery and replace it. Most stores are not properly equipped to remove the battery safely and just replace the entire top case assembly.

Thank you for realizing that we employees are human. We really don’t have the time to look through your files. We also prefer to remain employed. (I also tell customers that there is NOTHING of interest on their computer worth me losing my job!)

They will NOT replace your HD during this repair. That would require a second repair. IF your SSD failed… data recovery would be time consuming and expensive, if at all possible.

If you feel that concerned about your privacy, ask them to erase the drive in front of you and then reload the OS before sending it in.