Flagged emails in iOS

I flag emails for different reasons related to my job. I do not keep them in my inbox, as I try to keep that empty at all times. On my Mac, I can see the flagged emails just fine. On iOS, flagged emails only appear under the Flags “folder” if they are in the inbox. Is this a setting I am overlooking to be able to change? I want all flags to show up regardless of where the email is stored.

If you search for flagged mail there is an option to select all mailboxes.

I had the same issue. On iOS just go to the general inbox, and select the search bar, this will show the option “flagged items”
Select this option and this will show all flagged items from all mailboxes.

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now, and actually prefer it this way, saves me a few clicks and it is accessible from all search fields in mail.

This works well but ALL of my flagged messages show up. Is there a way to search for flag messages and then further filter the search for a particular type of flag? For example, I have a flag titled personnel. Is there a way to isolate that flag in the search results on iOS? Thanks in advance for your help.

Thank you. The searching for flagged email works perfectly for me!

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