Flagged mail across platforms

Can anyone explain to me why a flagged email in Mail.app for Mac doesn’t show up as flagged email in Mail.app for iOS and vice versa? Am I doing something wrong?

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Assuming you’re using IMAP that should work.

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I’m using many different mail accounts including imap, iCloud, exchange

IMAP and e-mail in general are relatively old standards. Modern things like flags or tags are not part of those standards and are usually implemented in proprietary ways, e.g. with custom mail headers. That’s why they don’t work cross platform.

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Apple should really be able to solve this… I mean it’s something that a lot of people rely on, being able to flag things.

If I flag an item on my Mac it also shows up as flagged on my iPad. Using a standard IMAP server. So there seems to be very little to solve here.
Might be syncing is not handled correctly by your email providers.

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