Flickering Laptop Screen: How Screwed Am I?

The screen on my Late-2013 15" Macbook Pro is flickering. Like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gooh8epnzp8t1ii/IMG_0160.MOV?dl=0

It was replaced in December 2018 because of the delaminating problem, but that warranty is long gone.

Any chance this is a software issue? So far I have: reset SMC & NVRAM, tried booting in safe mode, and tried forcing the integrated and discrete graphics card. Anything else before I decide this is now a permanent clamshell computer hooked up to an external monitor?

Try running Apple Hardware Diagnostics (or whatever it’s called) on it.

Despite the flickering happening while Hardware Diagnostics was running, the only message it gave me was that there “may be a problem with a storage device.” I’m guessing that’s Apple being grumpy about my aftermarket SSD.

On the bright side I haven’t seen it for a while now after all the restarts involved in running Hardware Diagnostics, so maybe I have a reprieve.