Flipboard in the fediverse! Also, rediscovering Flipboard!

Anyone following the latest
developments with Flipboard
and it’s efforts to add ActivityPub support and integrate with the Fediverse? I’ve been super impressed.

They began a few months back by setting up their own Mastodon Instance at flipboard.social which is curated daily with posts around the fediverse with various Flipboard “desks” highlighting links to Flipboard stories.

The CEO Mike McCue has been there pretty consistently and he’s now doing a weekly podcast, Dot Social. I’ve listened to three of them and they’re fantastic. Very thoughtful and perhaps some of the best tech-oriented podcast episodes I’ve listened to recently. For example, this interview with Wired Co-Founder John Battelle.

As of this week they’ve begun taking the next steps in their process of further building out integration by federating a handful of publisher accounts which can be followed from within any fediverse account. So, for example, I can follow @FastCompany@Flipboard.com. Posts made there link to the original post at the publication as well as to the corresponding post at Flipboard.com.

For anyone interested Mike McCue has a post on Medium about it.

They’ll be rolling out more accounts and then in January will be expanding further.

Sidenote: I remember using Flipboard years ago and enjoyed it but ended up back with RSS. With their recent work on Mastodon I thought I’d give it another shot and have actually stuck around. Some days I check my RSS feeds other days I hop on Flipboard and it’s been fun finding a few new things outside of my normal news reading.