Flowchart software

I’m looking for suggestions for flowcharting apps. I really can’t justify spending $50 for OmniGraffle. Right now I’m just doing what I need at work using Vizio.

You can do a lot in Pages or Keynote, but if you want to try a “real” flowcharting app try draw.io.

I’ve played around with it a bit, but not enough to wholeheartedly recommend it. Yet. So far I like it.

At the bottom of the page you can download the macOS open-source software.

Let me know what you think, if you try it out.

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A second for draw.io. Since it’s web-based you can use it anywhere and store your drawings in the cloud. If you’re accustomed to Visio, draw.io will seem familiar. You can even save to Visio format, though I haven’t done that and can’t say how it works.

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Resurrecting this thread.

Thanks for the references to draw.io. I needed to make a flowchart to chart the personnel interactions, document flow, and approximate timelines for a complicated conflict-resolution process. I found draw.io to be as feature-rich as LucidChart. I was limited in the free version of LucidChart to make only a small subset of the full flow chart that I needed. In draw.io, I could create a three page document, store on my GoogleDrive, and export as PDF. All for free. And, even while it was on-line, the command sets were mac-OS centric (e.g. cmd-D for duplicate in draw.io versus some other command keys in LucidChart).