Focus Mode Exceptions

I have a couple different focus modes set up. They have changed the way I use my phone and for that, I love them.

One minor annoyance is on a day like today. It’s Friday, so my phone has gone into “Work” focus, but it’s Canada Day today (I live in Canada), so it’s a holiday. I toggle it off, but occasionally it toggles back to work mode.

Is there anything I can do that says “if today is a national holiday, forego work mode”?

I would ask the question, why it is toggling back into that mode, after you set it off?
Maybe you should have a look into that (or post a screenshot), as e.g. most of my Modes came on via a shortcut, but if I change the mode, the stay so, as my shortcuts are triggered by time of the day, so they are triggered only once a day.