Focus mode help needed

Silly me. Previously, somehow I set my focus mode settings to speak the focus name when they were changed. Now I cannot find out where that setting is and would like to adjust it. Does anyone know where are the speech control might be for focus mode?

It sounds like you may have created an automation to trigger when activating a focus mode. Assuming you’re talking about iOS/iPadOS, if you open the Shortcuts app and tap the ‘Automation’ tab, are there any relevant actions in there?

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Yes. Just delete or disable all focus modes except Do Not Disturb. Then just use that one


Thanks for the help. Yes iPhone 13. and do not see related shortcuts w speaking focus modes.

ALSO - If I just manually change from one focus mode to another - it speaks the name of it. So I do not think it is related to a shortcut but something else.

This sounds to me like an Accessibility setting. In fact, if you search the Settings App for “focus” most of the results are for various options under Accessibility. I didn’t see any obvious options from the search list, but that is where I would start.

Automations with a Focus trigger would be activated when manually switching Focus modes (that’s basically the point of that trigger), but if you can’t see any in there that may be the culprit, as @waylan says it sounds like this may be an Accessibility feature.

I can’t see anything obvious in the Accessibility menu. You may just need to have a good look through all the sections and see if anything is switched on that may be responsible for the announcements.

Something you might try is to create a new focus mode. When you enable it, does it speak the name? If not, then there is some mode specific setting. However, if it does speak the name when you haven’t explicitly configured it to, then there is a global setting somewhere. Once you have the answer, then you can delete the new focus mode if you like. And with the information you now have a better idea where to look and where not to look…

Thanks everybody - these are good suggestions and I will report back when I have an update to share.

Thanks for the good suggestions. I made a new one and your guess was right = NO SPEAKING. (also a few others). So I guess it is as you say “mode specific”. Can you suggest where I might look for this setting?

That means it’s not something global like an Accessibility setting.

Are you absolutely sure there isn’t an automation trigger set in the Shortcuts app? If you open Shortcuts and click on the Automation tab at the bottom, what’s in there?


YES THANK YOU snptrs You are right - I found it!

When I looked there was a bunch of shortcuts and when I scrolled to the bottom - there they were! So THANKS Again for help me solve this.

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Excellent. Glad you managed to solve it.

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slight correction : It was YOU who managed to solve it! Hee Hee! :smile:

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