Focused Calendar 2021

2020 has been full of learning for me. Chief among the lessons is balancing intentionality and flexibility.

The 2020 Focused Wall Calendar was awesome for that. Any word on one for 2021?

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We don’t have a link yet, but we’re planning on doing it again. And sounds like we might be able to do a dry erase option this year :wink:


Thank you. Love the calendar. It’s hanging right by my desk. Lots of stuff had to be postponed on it due to Covid-19.

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FYI the 2021 calendar is now available in dry erase - you know, just on case your entire year doesn’t go according to plan ( looking at you, 2020).

You can get yours here:

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I bought one and it’s just arrived. Beautiful! I’m curious about how people use the “Key” at the bottom. I imagine it could be used as a legend for a daily habit tracker. I’d love to hear some real examples of how you’ve used the Key and/or tracking on this calendar.

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I think the habit tracker is the most common way to use it, but I like to use different colors for things (including yearly themes) and log those there. Here’s an example from this year’s:


It would be great to see pictures of how others are using it. And which markers are your favorite for the dry erase surface.

Here’s how I’m using mine. I’m teaching this Spring semester, so have listed all the webinars and all of the assignments that I have to grade each Sunday. Love the Monday-Sunday setup as it lines up perfectly with the way my class is organized.