Follow up workflow?

Trying to do this workflow, and if anyone has a good idea I’d love to hear it.

Basically, I do a lot of follow up emails for work. People who don’t get back to me, essentially. I want to have a workflow where, if I don’t receive an email reply from someone for a specified number of days (would love for it to be variable but could be static)… a follow up task is automatically sent to maildrop in Omnifocus. If someone does reply, no follow up task should bs sent.

Can anyone think of how this might be possible? I could maybe use something like followupthen, but it’s expensive if you want it to be able to track if there’s been a reply or not.

I know Airmail has or had this function built in, where it would email you but that would be easy enough to forward into the Maildrop, and I know Sanebox has a function where you can BCC it and it does that too. I’d love to hear if there are other solutions.

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If I need to follow up on an email I tend to BCC it to my OmniFocus Mail Drop address. Then when I process my OF inbox I make it a task. Once I get an email back I check off the task. It works for me, but I have few enough emails to follow up on that a bit of manual processing isn’t too difficult. If I had more I’d look for a more automated solution.