$ for new iPad Pro Magic Keyboard :-)

I was just watching a few early reviews of the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard and thinking, “how am I going to convince my wife that I “need” one of those?” :slight_smile: Well, low and behold I get an invitation from a scientific organization to be paid to review and offer edits for a science publication (not at liberty to disclosure details). This will not take more than a few weeks and the timing is good as I have more free time than normal. So, I have some unexpected “fun” money to spend and don’t even have to convince my wife. Now, that makes for a good afternoon! :laughing:


I don’t even have a compatible iPad Pro and I want one; fortunately not having said iPad Pro takes care of that “need.” :slight_smile:

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Man, I feel your pain on that. I’m blessed that my employer provided the iPad Pro so I was not out that money. I will need to shell out for the new keyboard however.

Ordered a Logitech Combo Touch for my 10.5 iPad Pro. Saving me buying a new iPad, Pencil and Magic Keybord by spending just 150 bucks. Think that’s a great alternative!!!

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That just means that you “need” to get a compatible iPad Pro as well :wink:


Message received; I like your style!

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While working on this project, I just recalled attending a conference with Dr. Collins. :slight_smile: