For privacy, delete your browser history

Internet history in browsers can be used to de-anonymize/re-identify users.

Using data from 52,000 consenting Firefox users, Mozilla researchers were able to identify 48,919 distinct browsing profiles which had 99% uniqueness.

“[…] we observe numerous third parties pervasive enough to gather web histories sufficient to leverage browsing history as an identifier.”

Good idea. I do it almost every time I close Safari.

I have the habit to either move a page into Instapaper or “save-to-pdf” what I need to keep during browsing sessions. Both solutions also preserve the embedded hyperlinks in case I need to go back and eliminates the need to keep browsing history almost completely. Occasionally I need to wreck my brain and search for something again.

Running Macscan to automatically clean up cookies and history after each browser session over and on top of the clean up settings in my main 3 browsers Brave (for all stuff that needs login), Firefox (for generic browsing) and Coherence app (Brave based applications).

Both browsers’ settings have been scrutinised for privacy settings.

Coherence is part of Setapp as well.

My experience is Coherence web apps sometimes work better and more lean than native apps (i.e Slack, Teams)

On top of that I use a Firewalla Gold as a hardware ad-blocker and VPN client renewing connection every few hours.

This 3 tier mixed hardware and software “system” keeps everything nice and clean (trackers, ads and 3rd party cookies blocked and little to no browsing history).

The only disadvantage is you have to Captcha every time upon login (but hey, it’s proof that it actually works…and you do get used to it!). The 1PasswordX plugin makes login a breeze.