⌘\ for System Preferences/Passwords

I am slowly moving away from 1password to use macOS’ System Preferences/Passwords. Showing that dialog through the standard system menu is a little too therapeutic after a while so I cobbled this together to use the familiar ⌘\ shortcut on Monterey.

Create a shortcut (I have named mine “Open Passwords”) with a shell script command that runs:
“open -b com.apple.systempreferences /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Passwords.prefPane”

Then using BTT (better touch tool) I created a shortcut key ( ⌘ \ ) to run shortcut/Open Passwords. I am sure keyboard maestro and other similar tools can do this also.

1 less barrier to move away from 1Password for whomever needs this.


Inspired by this I have set it up in KM, though in KM there is an action to open a preference pane.

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