For those of you who support loved ones with Windows - best Anti-Virus?

I know, I know…it’s a Mac forum. But some of us have loved ones with Windows. And somebody I know just got tricked into thinking they had to give AVG $80 today for some premium services that the software insisted they needed.

While we’re sorting out the refund, I’m wondering if there’s a better option for antivirus on Windows. I have nothing against companies having both a free and a premium version - but frequent popups that attempt to scare the user into upgrading aren’t great.

Any suggestions?

Windows Defender works great and is free. Malwarebytes Free as well. I run both on my Windows computers. I don’t think the average user needs more unless they go to a lot of risky sites.


+1 for Windows Defender

Which version of Windows?

Defender, included with Windows 10 and above, should be sufficient on those versions.

Might be a different story if it’s a no longer updated version of Windows like 7 or even XP…

Another +1 for the built in Windows Defender. It works well, automatically updates, does not slow down the machine, requires little/no configuration and is free.

Win10 in this case. It’s sounding like the built-in Windows Defender is probably the way to fly. :slight_smile:

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Use it alongside Malwarebytes if you can. I use Malwarebytes (the free version) to manually scan my computer every once and a while, but I let Windows Defender do everything else because it works just fine and is essentially integrated into the operating system. It’s extremely light on resources, even with real-time protection (and the like) enabled.

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