For you who use ulysses

Hey power users! Right now I using ulysses thru Setapp, but thinking about to subscribe directly when my Setapp subscription expires.

Both on macOS and iOS App Store I checked information about the app and there several plans you can choose between. Before there was only 2 options, monthly and yearly which costs 50€. I can see that a new one costs 70 € yearly. The old one are still there too.

For you som have ulysses directly from App Store, can you check in app settings if it’s possible to choose another type of yearly subscription? If yes, what a differences between 50€ and 70€ plan? (Can’t find any info on ulysses page)


Pricing info is here. Special edu pricing is available, which you can get to from that link as well.

Old information on web site I think. 50$ = 42€

I just downloaded Mac App Store version and I can only choose between 9€/month or 70€/year

That really doesn’t seem right. Can you screenshot the MAS pricing?

The US MAS pricing matches the website:

And the British pricing is the same as the website as well:

And France’s pricing matches the Euro prices on the Ulysses website too:

these are the results in the Italian App Store:

Sorry, I’m blind so screenshots are not so helpful for me haha :slight_smile:

Well, I guess it makes sense…

Just reporting no 70€ plan in Italian mas too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for information!

Thinking I will subscribe anyway. Ulysses is the only text editor which allows navigate by headings for VoiceOver users while you editing text. In other text editors I need to hit preview first to find where specific part of text is, then close preview and go back to text.

Stats tab are handy too because it shows how many pages you wrote. At my school they still say write number of pages instead for words, so it helped me in spring when I was unsure how much I wrote.

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Wow, Norway’s pricing is indeed that high. Exchange rates and/or state taxes to Apple on software products apparently the culprit. Kr 85 per month (US $9.81), or 689 Kr per year(US $75.41) for Ulysses.

Setapp (which seems only to change its one US Dollar price) looks better than ever for some European countries.