Force mac mail to display expanded view by default

Is there a terminal cmd or script available to force mac mail to display messages in expanded view by default?

Not quite sure what you mean.

If you mean with all headers, you can go to Mail Preferences, Viewing tab and under Show Headers, choose Custom and add the headers you want to see.

If you mean the raw source, I don’t know of a way. Maybe another mail client will do it

Thank you for responding. I will clarify, I am running mac mail ver 11.5 build (3445.9.7). It seems that under drop down menu View, organize by conversation is check marked and cannot by changed or unchecked. I have already tried trashing the plist with no affect. If I want expand all conversations I can momentarily click the option then defaults back to organize by conversation.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Sorry I don’t know the answer. My version oMac Mail has a different menu layout (I’m on v14x)

Maybe something like changing the layout might unlock the problem.

thank you for your your suggestion it is appreciated. I did try this as well. In the meantime, I switched to spark mail where the issue does not exist.
thank you agsin