Force quit Safari on iPad while retaining windows

I’ve been having trouble with the Safari UI locking up recently (not responding to any touch input—though oddly it does still respond to screen orientation changes).*

Historically, I could at least kill the app and return to jolt it back to life. However, with multi-window apps, like Safari, in recent versions of iPadOS, the traditional “close” gesture on the app switcher just closes the window, not the app. This is the opposite of what I want (it throws out some of my browsing session state, but does not restart the problematic process). Given this change in the meaning of the app switcher “close” gesture, is there an alternative way to actually kill an app, or has this just become impossible short of rebooting the whole device?

*I see this more often in the past ~year than before on all of my iOS devices, but that’s perhaps another topic. I’m curious if I’m the only one, or if this is a common bug in recent versions of iOS.