Forecast Tag in omnifocus

Hey friends,

I wanted to know how everybody is using the Forecast Tag in Omnifocus 3. I’m still not sure how to use it.

Bring it on!


I’ve been experimenting with it as a way to denote my priorities for the day/week just to keep them in… perspective. (Pun intended)

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Hi, I have created a tag called “This Week”, tagging the tasks and actions that I want to get done this week. When used with the forecast tag, the forecast perspective let’s me see everything I have to do, and what I want to do. Also have a tag “this weekend” that lets me see just the stuff I want to do on the weekend. I assign these tags during my weekly review. Cheers

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I’ve tried it a few different ways. Not sure which is best.

  1. Today - tagged complete list for the day. Was fine but when the list got long I was wishing for a “group by tag” feature.

  2. Hot List - The top three wins for the day.

  3. Spinning Plates - Routines and other tasks like remembering our son has to take a book to school. Stuff that needs to be done that day but felt too small for a proper DUE date. Sometimes I think I’m under utilizing due dates.

  4. Currently I’m using “Radar” - These are tasks that might not be on the list for today or flagged or anything else, but that I really want to keep top of mind, cannot forget, don’t want to disappear into the dark murky waters of my database. This is not a working view, but something to look over at the beginning of the day.


Thanks everyone! Really helpful stuff. I think what makes more sense to me is to use a “This Week” tag…

Keep sharing other curious uses!

That’s similar to how I use the Forecast tag. I just called mine ‘★’ and it represents things that I want to do in the next few days. I use flags to be a little more serious, like ‘should be done today’, and can also appear as a badge on the OF icon.