Foreign language users: advice for typing a noun’s definite article correctly

Hi All,
Does anyone know of a service for Mac OS and/or iOS that allows you to check if a word you’re typing in French (that’s my interest, but it would apply to other languages too) is masculine or feminine? It would be good to know as I type if I was correct, rather than having to go to a dictionary. FYI, the Canadian French keyboard i installed on iOS doesn’t show whether le garage or la garage is wrong. I’d appreciate a good solution!


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I’m French and I’m unaware of any such thing. The usual way for doing this is using dictionaries (… which we even do, because we even get it wrong sometimes…)

You could use Antidote for this (which is kind of expensive but very powerful). It includes a good dictionary, it can be AppleScripted and there’s an Alfred workflow to match. Therefore, in a few keyboard commands, you could get your answer from the Antidote dictionary in a second. But you might want to have other uses for that software because it’s overkill just for that use.


Seems like something a savvy developer (not me) would want to consider since it might have other uses. :slight_smile:

It would be included for sure in any language checking service (Antidote, the one included in Ulysses, possibly Word’s grammar checker).

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