forScore Users & rehearsal recordings

I know there are a few forScore users on this forum. I posted this over on the forScore FB group, but there are more power users here. I messed up this morning and I deleted one of my rehearsal recordings by accident. It doesn’t seem like there is any way of retreiving it, but I’m hoping someone here knows something I don’t.

Here’s the full post with more detail:

My rehearsal recordings in forScore are important to me. I have “lost” them before due to incomplete/errant backups. But today I literally accidentally deleted it. I intended to move it, but I deleted it by accident. I don’t think there is any way to recover it (please, someone correct me if I’m wrong). But can anyone tell me where the “recordings” live in forscore? Ideally, I would like to create an automation that these files are automatically backed up when I return to my home WiFi.

Can anyone help?