Forums...they’re a funny thing

Lots of positives with the move to the forum. This is the first time on Discourse for me so there was a few things I looked for such as being able to subscribe to categories for example the IOS section then you get notified of every post to that section something that’s possible in phpBB forums. Also I’m surprised the author of the post isn’t shown only the last person to comment on it. I might want to read every post Rosemary makes but it seems there’s no way to do that. Happy there’s a dark mode though.

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Follow this link. From there you can set categories as Watching to get notified of every new post in any/all of the categories. You can do the same for tags here.

Sounds like you’re viewing it from mobile. If that’s true, it has more to do with not enough space for both the OP and the latest poster.

There is! You can see that here.


Thanks for the detailed reply. I’m definitely using a web browser on a desktop machine to view the group.
See the below screenshot. The photo is of Andre the last person to comment at the time I took the screenshot. Even though there is plenty of space below the subject the authors name isn’t mentioned. It’s not a big deal really it was just something I thought would be there.


Got it! I forgot that the homepage was set to the Categories view. I changed mine to be the Latest. You can change yours here.


I hope the forum move succeeds but I don’t think my participation will be the same, I signed up and downloaded the discourse app, it’s a little underwhelming to be honest
The positives for going to a forum are all about organisation and search, I understand that, but for that I use Google
Facebook does not cover everyone and many people don’t/wouldn’t use it, but what it does provide is exposure, the essence of social media is you throw something out there and people see it and comment, now there is one more app to check, and I’m not sure I have the bandwidth for that
I learned many things just by seeing random posts in the group that I would not otherwise go looking for

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I understand the “yet another place to go” comments. While the volume is high, I’ve found the RSS feeds to be a useful way to stay up to date. Allows a quick browse of new posts and then I can jump into the detail of any that look interesting. This is mixed in to my other RSS reading, so not another app to remember to go to.


I’m almost liking Discourse but, I really wish the Done button wasn’t there in the top-left corner or that it didn’t take you back beyond the first page of the current forum. I just can’t stop pressing it instead of back. . .

Thanks for letting me into this forum. I’m a great fan of moderated forums. I only bought my first Mac last year, but already learned a lot from te MAC POWER USERS podcast. Thanks David thanks Katie. I hope I can give any good contribution in this forum.

We knew with this move that we would make some people happy and other people upset. At the end of the day, I just felt much more comfortable here than over on Facebook.

If you were here grudgingly I just ask you give a little time to see if it works out for you.


Conditioned by iOS apps’ back button positioning :grinning: On a serious note, do you use slide from left edge to go back, usually?

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I think it’d be prudent to figure out if a bit of extra customisations would help the community more at ease with the forum structure, compared to what they’ve been used to, before. More like the 80-20 rule. If 80% of the problems can be addressed with 20% of effort.

I’d be on board with this. Maybe start a new topic on it? If the community can nail down a few custom features that would help, I can likely guide us to the right way to implement it.

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This is awesome. Never trusted Facebook. So, this forum allows me to participate without the risks. Great way to feel part of something fun and good.


Same here with the Done button :rofl:

Having an app for it will offset that inconvenience somewhat, I think. I’m installing that now.

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I understand and even agree with the necessity and don’t begrudge the change. I’m just worried about falling out of touch. But so far so good for me!

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I should learn to swipe to navigate but I don’t usually use them - I tap buttons to go backwards and forwards.

Moving to the forum means I will participate. I loathe FB and could never get the hang of it. Much happier now.

Ahh, good thinking. I will set this up.

Well @pkondo… given the large (really large) volume of posts, I deleted my RSS feed subscription!! I’ve found it far easier to go into the Discourse app and review new activity within the App. This has been working well for me. I think benefits of this approach will accrue as we now have another Discourse forum to follow. Good luck — jay