Four new Apple TVs

Well that was expensive. I just ordered four Apple TVs (3 32GB, 1 64GB) and an additional remote (I hate the current remote). It just so happened that I was switching from AT&T Uverse to AT&T TV when the new Apple TVs were announced. I’ve decided to make Apple TV the hub for accessing all of my television programming. I figured now is as good a time as any to bring everything up to date. I hope to have everything arrive and installed by late May. I jumped on this early so I should not have a delay.


Heh. Your shopping spree might explain why I had so much trouble just buying one 4k model (64 Gb). It took 10 minutes of adding to the bag and then trying to check out until I was able to successfully purchase just one.

Here’s hoping we all get our new devices in the first wave of deliveries.

Nice, I have the existing 4K but the kids lost my remote :sweat_smile:

So either I bite the bullet on a new model, or order a new remote.

I get blamed for a lot of things, mostly deserved :slight_smile: , but that is a first!

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They probably did you a favor. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to getting a new Apple TV in the not too distance future. The UK seems to have a deal with a free 12-months Apple TV sub and my current sub runs out in June. If that offer still exists, I’ll get one end of May.

Swapped my second Apple TV for a 4k Fire during the Amazon Prime spat. Now, rather ironically, my 4K Fire doesn’t support Apple TV.

I had an OG Apple TV too, that was only useful once Jailbroken.

Fingers crossed for third time lucky :D.

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Four new Apple TV’s! When Tim Cook comes to install them for you tell him I said hello.

I started with the first generation Apple TV, which ran so hot it could keep your coffee warm should you be called away :grinning:, but the Siri remote that came with the 4th Gen eventually drove me to find a different set top box.

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I have also decided to buy one of the new Apple TVs. My kids managed to brick the one they were using so they’ll inherit my current 4k, and we’ll be having a 64GB version of the new one in the living room.

I’m also looking forward to the new remote, although I don’t mind the old one too much.

I’ve been using Apple TV as out primary device for TV for years, and I’m so glad they’re continuing to make new models.

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In case you missed it (I did for a while), there is a remote on iPhone that works pretty well. It has both the swipe pad and the buttons, whichever you prefer.

I always forget about that. I’ll have to double check that again as well. Thanks for the reminder.

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The “royal you” of course, but you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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