Free Agents 55: The Math Works

@macsparky if it helps you not to beat yourself up about your ‘unproductive’ month, I think many of the things that kept you from doing your usual level of work can be seen as investments in your future: Most obviously, the new office is an investment that will make it possible for you to produce better video content (and perhaps do better work in general). Going to Macstock and meeting @mikeschmitz in person is an investment in the future of the Free Agents podcast. Even the trip to Europe could be looked at as an investment in your marriage.

When Mike was talking about how drained he was when he came back from Macstock, David mentioned that one of the benefits of being a Free Agent is the ability to take some time off in the middle of the week to recover. I’d encourage those of us who are still working for the man not to discount this option. I think this is a perfectly legitimate use for a sick day. Any reasonable employer would rather have you take a sick day and then be able to get back to work than be mentally trashed and unproductive for the rest of the week (though there are many unreasonable employers out there).


I know that on an intellectual level but I am always pushing myself as the primary bread winner for the Sparks family. I’m already seeing benefits though with the new space. Crazy how much it’s helping having dedicated space.

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Love the show but i was giggling at just how different cultures/coasts can be… here in DC everyone ubers eveywhere… but i forgot in CALI everyone drives… but glad yall could avoid buying another car and relying on rideshare options