Free Agents Home Base Setup

My wife and I are free agents / contractors, and work mainly from our home base – so we set up different office spaces depending on weather and whims. Here’s our conservatory (off the kitchen). We live in a forest on the edge of parkland so there’s nothing behind us to disturb the peace. This room has gardens on all sides.

  • MB Pro 15"
  • MB Pro 13"
  • Dell Latitude (gov’t equipment for one of my gigs)
  • iPad Pros (both sizes)
  • Kindle Oasis
  • Echo Show (for taking a break and watching Prime videos, or checking the front door camera)
  • Two HomePods (behind the camera)
  • Eero mesh network, which I also use for ethernet for the Dell
  • Bose QC35 II for all the hours a day I spend on the phone

The house belongs to the two cats who own us, so you’ll see their gear scattered about, too.