Freeform: First character underlined on each line?

I’m just trying out Apples Freeform. Why is the first character underlined?
Things like this makes me abandon software. WTF?


Does not do this for me. Not sure what’s causing this for you.

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Thanks for the input, then I know it’s something weird with my setup.

Not so fun to start testing a new software with troubleshooting. :frowning:


PS. macOS Ventura 13.3

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CleanShot 2023-04-18 at 23.55.04@2x

I can mimic what you have taken a picture of but it takes some effort. You have done a certain amount of formatting to get to what you are showing. You had to bold the first line. You had to start a list with the second line.

It certainly does not do it if you initially select a text box and type what you have shown


Using your instructions, I still cannot duplicate this. ie - First character of each line not underlined. :grinning:

I was just trying to make the point that there had been a certain amount of “formatting” to get to your “starting point”. I do not know why apparently the program is “auto” first character underlining. But certainly when you simply create a text area such a thing does not happen. From the point that you first create a text area to the point that it starts “auto” first character underlining, there are a number of steps that are basically known only to you. It is hard for another participant on the forum to “duplicate” your problem because we don’t know what all those steps were.

That’s all. :man_shrugging:.

If I were trying to debug this, I would try and figure out when the problem first occurs. Is it when I make the first line bold? Is it when I turn the next lines into a list? etc.

I’m not the OP. I was just trying to see if I could duplicate the problem. I agree with your assessment. :grinning:

Thanks for the input guys!
I can’t reproduce this anymore. :crazy_face:

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