Frequently repeating reminders in a limited span of time

I need to create a reminder system that notifies me every 2 hours to do something. It needs to be an interval (2 hrs) after the last time I completed the task, but only during the day. I don’t want to be reminded before a certain time in the morning or after a certain time at night. I have tried to figure this out using OmniFocus, Due, and Reminders, but can’t figure it out. Any suggestions?

OK - I’ll admit it. I’m a dope. I was looking for a complex solution ( an app, a shortcut, a workflow) when the simple answer was right in front of me. Just set a TIMER. Do you ever seek a more complex solution and in the process overlook the simplest one?

A timer does require you to remember to reset it after each time it goes off. So the more complicated solution does have an advantage in this case.

If you want to do it with alarms so you can set all of them for the day at once you could do that using Shortcuts.

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Yeah, I’m thinking I could create 2 shortcuts for times. One for an hour and one for 2 hours.