From Blog to Day One and Beyond

I’ve made the decision to close my blog. This was a fairly big deal for me, but I feel that it’s become a bit of a distraction. There are other things I’d like to write, but I think the blog always took precedence because it was easy and I still felt like I’d done something worthwhile. It was something worthwhile, just not my priority when I’m honest with myself.

I’m going to move some of the stuff I was blogging about to Day One instead, which is a far more private repository for that kind of writing. I want to give journalling another try, and this seems like a good segue in to the practice.

I am curious, though, about finding somewhere to publish an article occasionally. I thought about Medium, but it requires either a Google account or a Facebook account so that’s out. I don’t want to manage my own site, so I’m not sure what options are out there. Any thoughts?

1 Like, did you try this one? In your blog, you mentioned you are minimizing costs, this one has a $5 monthly fees though. But I think it’s a very solid option.

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Micro blog does not have the character count. I did look at it.

Are you looking for something with character count? You can connect MarsEdit to and it’s bundled in SetApp.

No I mean that wouldn’t let me post something with 1000 words. doesn’t limit you to 480 characters. It just has micro posts which suggest that. 1000 word posts are fine :slight_smile:

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Maybe it would work then.

I’ll take another look this evening.

Yes, the 250 limit means it will cross post and work with no excerpt (in other words, it will have no read more link).
Otherwise, no limits on characters.

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I’ve decided not to look for an alternative publishing avenue for now. I’ve successfully talked myself out of and I think I could just end up perpetuating some of the procrastination I was attempting to avoid.

Could you just convert your blog template to one that looks better when updates are infrequent? For example, having the only timestamp being the month and the year sets a different expectation than the full date.

Blot is pretty easy and $20/year. I use it infrequently.

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