Frustrated by Tools at Work

It’s fine for that kind of thing. But OneNote is more like a canvas, where you can move the pictures around to anywhere you want by just dragging them. If I am doing picture heavy things, or want to insert spreadsheets, OneNote is a much better app for that kind of thing.

Yes, I know. I used OneNote for a long time, though I didn’t do much of what you’re using it for. Different tools are better at different things and for different workflows and users. I’d never say that my preferences are best for everyone.


I always assume most people here haven’t used something like OneNote, due to what seems like a general dislike for anything MS in the Mac community. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t disagree. Where Obsidian lost me here is that you paste the image in and it becomes 4FDKJFHGHJF88999.jpg in the file system. I get most people don’t care but I’d always feel like I had to go back and rename it “CT Scan Meeting 20230405 Screenshot of Ankle” for completions sake in case it somehow got orphaned from the note it belonged to.

Then it would never be the size I wanted so I’d have to manually type in a value and tinker to get it sized right and every time I scroll by it in the note the link appears/hides/appears/hides. I know that’s how it’s supposed to work but I personally got distracted by it.

Don’t get me wrong. I use Obsidian at home and it works for writing and weekly plans, but for heavy media, pencil, drawing, screenshots, inserting meeting details; I have no issue with OneNote at work.


I could understand that back when Apple was struggling to survive. But today Apple and Microsoft are in different businesses. The money MS makes from Windows is about the same as Apple makes from Wearables.

Individuals and small businesses may be able to work without MS software, but most businesses cannot. Even Google Workspace allows live collaboration on documents in Microsoft formats uploaded to Drive.

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I absolutely agree that you should use whatever software you find helps you work most efficiently. I was just sharing my own experience.

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I’ve done that in Obsidian by just adding a Canvas note, built-in, no plugin required. I have a note with a bunch of screenshots that are all in a big canvas so I can show how they link together.

Right, but OneNote is like always using an Obsidian canvas. Arguably, It is a bit more intuitive than the Obsidian version as well.

Edit: Obsidian’s canvas is more powerful than OneNote, I am just saying OneNote is easier to use if you use a lot of pictures/tables in your notes. I guess you could use the Obsidian canvas instead of it’s regular notes so you always had that ease (that is something I should look into doing more, but then you lose the structured note style that I also like in most of my notes.) To me they are different tools and I have different uses for them. You could probably insert Freeform in there too if you wanted to use an Apple version.

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I’d say that most businesses will not because they think MS is “safe” in the same sense that for years no one ever got fired for buying IBM mainframes. There is absolutely no reason ANY size business has to run on MS software. I’ve never had a problem finding a better, more capable replacement for anything MS has ever done.


Excel. Nothing compares. Every company has an accounting department.

Power BI maybe as well. Edit: never mind on that one. Tableau.


At my last company the majority of our employees used OpenOffice/LibraOffice. Those in purchasing and accounting, etc. required Microsoft Office. And a few even required the Windows version of Excel in order to run an add-on that allowed them to query our IBM Midrange.

Still, I don’t recall our Microsoft users and our OO users ever having a problem exchanging or linking spreadsheets saved in MS Excel format (as long as they were not password protected). OTOH I never found a program that could open a complex MS Word document without formatting errors. And I received a few Excel spreadsheets that would only function properly in MS Excel.

Microsoft formats are the default for exchanging files between businesses. And sometimes you need the genuine article.


I agree in terms of software functionality, but when I tried to use LibreOffice I ran into significant issues because I needed to exchange multiple revisions of MS Office documents with people in other organizations with track changes and comments enabled.

MS Office apps and formats are the defacto standard, and large organizations aren’t going to switch or put up with incompatibilities to accommodate smaller and solo companies.

The last large corporation I worked in, all our data analysts were using VBA in Excel to do all sorts of crazy things (at least to me it was crazy). As someone in accounting/finance, I have never heard of anyone using anything but Excel. It’s the standard. (Now someone is going to tell me about the company they worked for where everyone used Numbers. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I’ve only read the post subject line so far, but my coworkers drive me crazy as well.


In many cases our Excel users created data that our OpenOffice users consumed. We paid MS a lot of money in server and client access licenses. I saw no reason to pay for MS Office seats that we didn’t need.


To be clear, I meant in accounting/finance. Outside of finance, any old spreadsheet will work (and I quite like Google Sheets, most of the time). I believe @OogieM is correct, otherwise.

There is a home budgeting company called Tiller that is using Google Sheets to create budgeting templates, and it’s quite cool. They offer an Excel version that isn’t as capable as the Google version, so maybe things are changing? Google might be catching up?

My current employer is all in on MS, Teams, Sharepoint, Office, etc. It’s fine. Personally, I really like Office 365.

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The latest figures I can find says Google has 9 million paid users vs Microsoft’s 345 million, so I wouldn’t say they are close to closing the gap. But they have attracted some large customers like Airbus, the US Army, and the Department of Defense.


Ha, I didn’t even know it didn’t have that (shows you how much I use Sheets).


That’s not uncommon. I wasn’t a big Sheets user until a few years ago, but today I use most of the Google Workspace apps. One reason is I get email and a full suite of apps, that are designed to work together, and 2 TB of storage for $12/month. The second is my next of kin has never used a Mac but is a Gmail user, and at my age I need to think about what I leave behind.

Two of the newer additions to GW that I’ve started using is the “kanban” view of Google Tasks and the other is the timeline view in (the paid version of) Sheets.

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