FTP Recommendation iOS?

Suggestions please… Want to mess with some directories on my server.

FE File Explorer Pro is excellent!

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MacStories has an entire article about this but FileBrowser for Business ended up being his favorite.

He since switched to File Explorer, that’s how I discovered it. That guy has cost me so much money. :rofl:

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Ha! I can’t keep up! Thanks for the update.


Last time I used FTP to manipulate directories on a site was 15-20years ago.

Using Cloudways currently this act appears no longer possible. Asked them what’s up … awaiting answer.

Panic killed transmit for iOS a while back but coda (panic.com/coda-ios) also has FTP file management capabilities. It’s a daily driver for me.

Readdle Documents. It will have you covered across device, local network and external providers.

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